Jess Arfi - “Anash”

Jess began a career in modeling in 2001, earning a print job for a Perry Ellis collection. Jess later moved on to complete print work for Tommy Hilfiger. At 13 years of age, Jess earned a recurring contract with Tag Underwear while also adding runway fashion shows to his credits. In 2003, he entered the Model and Talent Search Canada competition in Montreal. Winning first place in the modeling competition and second place in the talent competition, along with the competitions overall title award, “Child of the Year”, Jess nabbed the attention of modeling and acting agents almost instantaneously. Upon signing with Canadian agencies Sybille Sasse Modeling and DaVinci Talent, Jess had been presented with many auditioning opportunities for roles alongside some of Hollywood’s heavy hitters.

The role of “Anash” in the 6-part, live-action/animated series Anash and the Legacy of the Sun-Rock is Jess’s first starring role in a television series.

“You have to imagine your surroundings but at the same time, you know you’re on a green screen. It was difficult at times to have the scenes described in the script in your mind mentally, but it got easier over time. I really enjoyed the experience.”

Colin Van Loon - “Kole”

Colin’s first foray into acting came in the sixth grade when he played "Injun Joe" in his elementary school’s production of Tom Sawyer’s Huck Finn. Colin was a featured actor for the ABC/Hallmark co–production Dreamkeeper, landing the role of a Dog Soldier. After some high school theatre, Colin was cast in the role of Jacob Fox in the 2005 feature film Hank Williams First Nation. Colin is a recent graduate of the Vancouver Film School (Acting). Since graduation, Colin has booked a number of recognizable works such as the animated series Anash and the Legacy of the Sun- Rock and a series lead in the TV series version of Hank Williams First Nation , airing on APTN.

Character Profile, “Anash”

Anash is a young man of determination, integrity and purpose. He has been raised in an atmosphere that focused on training him for a particular goal in life. His adoptive parents provided a loving, but strict upbringing that nurtured Anash’s sense of humanity, while also instilling in him a discipline that they knew he would need in an uncertain world.

Warrior skills have been mastered by Anash. He is an exceptional shot with a bow and arrow and has been gifted with keen eyesight. He is a strong, well-coordinated paddler. However, he is aware that his Achilles’ Heel is the sea itself, the most dominant feature of his environment.

Anash is haunted by a longing to know his family of origin. During his travels, he doesn’t investigate his origins openly, feeling that he has another task that must take precedence.

Character Profile, “Kole”

Kole is Anash's adopted brother, although formally, he is Anash's servant. He is the son of the servant Lineve, whom Anash thinks of as a second mother. Even though Kole is not treated by Anash as a servant, Kole is sensitive to his status and is sometimes quick to take offense.

In particular, he bridles when others treat him in a manner reserved to other servants and captives. As a result, he does not eagerly seek other human company. When the boys are alone together, Kole is more talkative, social and light-hearted.

Kole and Anash have been together since they were toddlers. Because of Anash's need for a sparring partner, Kole underwent warrior training to the same degree as Anash. Kole's outstanding characteristic is a seeming fearlessness that sometimes causes trouble with the more careful Anash.

More than anything, Kole wants to prove his worth to himself and to Tlingit society. Through gaining status as an outstanding warrior, he will also gain a proper name... and then he will be recognized by all as a legitimate Tlingit man.