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Always play safe online! If you are under the age of 13, be sure your parent or guardian knows where you go online and check with them first before you give out information about yourself.  That includes signing up for!  If you are under the age of 13, when you sign up we will send your parents a copy of our user agreement and code of conduct by email.

The Rules for AnashInteractive

1. Never post your personal information or other people’s personal information on the AnashInteractive website (or the Internet in general).  This includes

a. Real first or last name
b. Phone number
c. Home or email address
d. Password

Stories are available for the world to see. You don’t want everyone to have your personal information!

2. If you want to save your work in the Showcase to show to all your friends, you have to make sure it doesn’t contain:

a. Swear words, obscene language
b. Sexist, racist, or culturally offensive content
c. Insulting, abusive, or disrespectful remarks about other people or stories
d. Violent or sexual themes
e. Postings revealing a person’s private information (see number 1)
f. BULLYING (see number 3)

3. Absolutely No Cyber-Bullying. Under no circumstances will tolerate cyber-bullying. Ways of cyber-bullying include:

a. Creating web sites that have stories, cartoons, pictures, and jokes ridiculing others.
b. Breaking into a members account and sending vicious or embarrassing material to others.

4. All the games, activities, pictures, and other stuff on the site belong to You can only play with this stuff on our website, and you can’t put your comics or stories up on other websites. But you can print off your stories if you like!

5. Be careful if you follow our links to different websites. We don’t have a say in how they work, so they might not be safe.

We will remove anything that breaks these rules from the website.


Flagging is serious stuff!  Please think carefully before you flag something.  Flagging is a way for you to contact us about unacceptable member submissions. 

You can help us keep the AnashInteractive site a fun, positive place.  Each story has a red flag button above it which you can use to let us know if someone isn’t following the rules.  Website staff will review the member submission, and take it off the website if necessary.  Repeat offenders will be banned from using the site.