Teaching and Home Education Guide

Whether you are a teacher, parent or professional development provider, you will find several interactive educational web activities to use both in your classroom and at home with your children, especially those in the age range of 9-13 years (grades 4-6). This site has three main divisions: Media Text Creation, Puzzles and Word searches, and Stories: Read or Watch the Story. This guide provides both a general overview and more specific learning ideas.

Teaching and Home Education Guide (PDF, 428k)
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Curricular Connections

For each area of Anash Interactive, the specific learning expectations and outcomes are identified for related English Language Arts, Aboriginal Culture Programs, Art and Social Studies, as well as curricular connections to the Western Canadian Protocol.

Anash Interactive is targeted for use in grades 4-6; however it can be used in a variety of ways for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The diverse elements and the variety of activities at different levels will meet the needs of both elementary and more advanced learners. The CCs have been listed at the grade 4 level only to avoid unnecessary repetition of the curricular connections at lower and higher grades, which are similar but vary according to specific tasks. Students in this range (and higher levels) in English will be able to read the stories and complete the activities quite independently.

Curricular Connections (PDF) Coming Soon.
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